Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting has an edge over traditional hosting services as it is quicker to market, has a better up-time and at the same time is highly scalable. The technology that drives Cloud Computing enables an unlimited number of virtual hosting accounts and virtual servers to be hosted on thousands of interconnected physical machines. Processing power of Cloud Hosting is many times more than traditional dedicated servers, because in cloud computing new servers and resources can be added on the fly.

Eliminate hardware anxiety

Hosting in the a cloud makes sure that customers’ RAM, hard drive space, and processing needs are fully met. When a need arises, we can easily expand your capacities by any amount you wish. Whether you need to turbo charge an existing server or would like scale your application across many, total implementation time is a fraction of traditional, dedicated hardware-based hosting.

Scalability at an all time high

There is no limit to the amount of scalability that can be achieved with cloud hosting. Resources like hard drives and processors are swapped, added, or removed from servers without disrupting the work flow. Clients can expand resources to any limits their solution requires.

Best in class data centers

Utilizing cloud computing allows us to host your application in some of the most robust data centers in the world. We offer you not only NLT’s exceptional experience and service, but the combined efforts of our cloud partners.