Mobile App Development

Today’s mobile devices can provide unparalleled access to your users’ environments. Access to the lower-level functionality of these devices is usually unavailable with traditional web applications.

Need to unlock the power of today’s mobile devices?

If your next big idea needs to access the device’s camera for custom photo capture or barcode reading? What about the GPS for technician tracking and routing? Do you need your employees to be able to work when there isn’t a cellular or Wi-Fi signal? If so, you need a native mobile app to meet your goals.

New Level Technologies can help bring your app to life on whether you want it for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or all three.

Do I need a mobile app?

Possibly not! We’ve found that most of the applications our clients want don’t really need the bells, whistles, and additional overhead of a true native mobile app. Oftentimes a well-designed, mobile-friendly, responsive website can handle everything you need to do. Since we specialize in both, we can help you weigh the different options to see what’s perfect for your business.